How Much Does A Home Recording Studio Cost?

Or how to choose your gear on a budget without breaking the bank!

10 Types Of Audio Equipment Every Home Studio Needs.

Our infographic shows the types of gear that every recording studio needs. But not everyone can afford all 10 so we grouped our gear suggestions together using 3 different home studio budgets. The budgets are-

Beginner - $150-$500
Serious Musician - $500-$1000
Semi-Pro - $1000-$2000

Remember this is a guide. Use it as a starting point. Your choice of equipment will depend on many factors, including what recording or live performance gear you already have.

Be sure to check out our specially priced home recording studio kits shown in the right hand column. These kits make great starter packages and are guaranteed to save you some serious bucks on your new setup. Or combine them with the other gear shown and you're well on your way.

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