Headphones play a critical part in the home recording studio both in the initial recording process, and in the post production and mixing process. They are critical during the recording process in order to monitor the initial recording and during any overdubbing. They're an important way to double check your mixes and production against your regular desk top monitors. And finally, they can be an inexpensive alternative to studio monitors or where privacy is an issue.

We've chosen a range of headphones for the home studio market that we feel will fit every budget while providing the most accurate sound reproduction possible. We've also considered comfort and durability, two characteristics especially important to headphones. Consider them musical instruments for your ears!

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Audio-Technica ATHM10 Headphones
Price: $39.99

    Audio-Technica's ATH-M10 dynamic stereo headphones deliver exceptional clarity, comfortable lightweight design and a natural frequency response ideal for professional mixing and monitoring. The headphones' closed-back padded circumaural (around-the-ear) ear cups provide acoustic isolation and long-wearing comfort. Features Closed-back circumaural cushioned ear cup design provides maximum isolation Clear, accurate response for mixing and monitoring 40mm drivers for a natural, balanced frequency...

    Focusrite VRM Studio Monitor Simulator Headphone System recording interface, audio interface, preamp, focusrite, neve console, british sound
    Price: $59.99

      Can't decide which monitors to buy? With the Focusrite VRM virtual reference system you don't need to! This little gizmo recreates the sound of 10 of the most common studio reference monitors used by professionals worldwide and three different control room conditions. For monitor lovers (and accurate mix lovers) everywhere!The Problem VRM (Virtual Reference Monitoring) is Focusrite's own loudspeaker & room simulator designed for headphone listening. Accurate mixing has until now, required...