Home Recording Studio Tips And Techniques

7 Questions To Ask Before Buying A Recording Interface

Think of recording interfaces as the electronic bridge between the sound source being recorded and your computer. It converts analog sounds into digital signals that your computer (and your recording software) will understand.

How To Build A Home Recording Studio On A Budget

Our graphic shows the 10 types of equipment that every recording studio needs. Use it as a visual shopping guide to set up your dream home studio.

How To Choose The Right Studio Set Up For You

This guide helps you choose the right gear for your particular situation. It's organized by the basic audio components needed in most modern home studios today.

Which Audio Interface Is Right For You

It can be difficult to decide which audio (or recording) interface to buy. We've put together a very simple guide to help you choose which interface is right for you.

10 Types Of Equipment Every Home Recording Studio Needs

The guide explains the basic studio gear that you'll need to set up your home recording studio. Each category has a brief description about the basic audio components

Top 5 Tips for Selecting A Microphone

A discussion on our blog with Michael White from music-production-guide.net on how to choose the right home studio mic for vocals, drums, etc.

The 7 Steps To Better Audio Mixing

This infographic guides you thru the mix process from levels & panning, phase & phase relationships, filters & subtractive EQ, compression & frequency density, shaping EG, effects processing, to automation.

Mastering And Mixing Workshop

Our friend and mix mastering mentor Mike White has started an amazing online webinar series where he offers mixing, mastering and professional advice live online!